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theO.C. Collective

where the stories live

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the O.C. Fiction
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maintainers: mel39 and smc36

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This is a community for the O.C. fan fiction. It's open to all pairings, all ratings. Gen, het and slash are welcome here.

Constructive criticism is clearly encouraged. However, if anyone feels the need to personally attack a member, the maintainer of this community can get really, really nasty. No flames. None whatsoever.

One more rule: Please spell and grammarcheck any story you post. If possible, use a beta. If you do not have one, you can request one at the community and if someone is happy to act as your beta they will respond. We reserve the right to remove stories, or links to stories that are poorly punctuated and/or full of grammatical errors. However we will always try to warn a poster before that happens so that errors can be corrected.

Please remember, lj-cut is your friend.

This community is maintained by mel39 and smc36 Any problems or issues please send either mel39 or smc36 a message via LJ.

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